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The Innovation & Differentiation Opportunity

Juan De Paoli, Senior Vice President for Private Brands, Retail Business Services A Company of Ahold Delhaize USA

In this thought-provoking presentation, Juan will discuss private brand at Ahold Delhaize USA and provide a look at the new Retail Business Services group.
Juan leads the Private Brand team from Retail Business Services, the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA (Food Lion, Hannaford, Giant Food, Giant/Martin’s, Peapod and Stop & Shop).

Juan De Paoli


Manifesto for a Private Brand Revolution

Christopher Durham, President, My Private Brand; co-founder the Vertex Awards

To mark the 10th anniversary of his groundbreaking website My Private Brand President Christopher Durham will formally introduce the Manifesto for a Private Brand Revolution developed after consulting with more than a dozen of the largest retailers around the world. The bold statement of theses is designed to motivate retailers to be proud, disruptive and fearless.

Revolutions come with manifestos and manifestos incite revolution.

The revolution begins with you.

Building Private Brands That Emotionally Connect

Richard Honiball, SVP, Chief Merchandising & Marketing Officer, Navy Exchange

A discussion of the Navy Exchange private brand portfolio and how it was developed it to not only meet the needs of our customers but to connect with them as well.  The Navy Exchange has private brands in Home, Apparel, Fine Jewelry, Consumables and Beauty/Health/Personal Care that each tie back to the Navy Exchange mission and heritage, including their two newest brands Yarn & Sea and Eight Bells.

With stores ranging from a 180 square foot micro-market to a 180,000 square foot flagship store, the Navy Exchange serves our active duty military, retirees, and their families worldwide, offering everything from apparel to accessories, consumer electronics to home goods, personal care to toys, and everything in between.

Richard Honiball


Private Brand Innovation and the Canadian Consumer

Marie-France Gibson, Vice-President Private Brands, METRO

Marie presents a look inside the Canadian retail group METRO, its market, and private brands. She will discuss how her team delivers innovation by developing strong partnerships and embracing consumer trends.

Marie-France Gibson

Fireside Chat with Nicole Lord, Sr. Director, Private Brand Development & Management Office Depot

Nicole will sit down with My Private Brand President Christopher Durham to discuss Private Brand at Office Depot and the exciting changes happening at the retailer.

Nicole Lord

Transforming Pet Specialty One Brand at a Time

Brian Quinn, Director of Proprietary Brands, Petsmart

Retailer-owned brands are playing an ever-increasing role in the pet space, and are giving retailers the opportunity to provide differentiated products to meet specific consumer needs that cannot be found anywhere else. In this discussion, Brian will walk us through the evolving role of proprietary (private) brands, how they enable better customer relationships, and how they will help to shape the future of pet specialty.

Brian Quinn

The New Frontier of Private Brand  Design

Marie Horodecki-Aymes, Director, Design, and Packaging, Metro
Vera Atamian, Private Brand Sr. Designer, Boxed
David Ziegler-Voll former Senior Package Designer, Trader Joe’s; Creative Director, MBD

MODERATOR: Christine Sech, Executive Strategy Director, Interbrand

In this thought-provoking discussion, senior private brand creatives discuss the changing landscape of private design. The panel will discuss and debate the old guard, stalwarts, innovators, and challengers that are changing what it means to be a private brand. In the process they will give you an inside look at the mind of a private brand creative and the trends that shape their work.

Marie Horodecki-Aymes

Vera Atamian

David Ziegler-Voll

Christine Sech

How Consumer Promotions and Private Brands can Live, Breath and Succeed Together.

Jenny Longo, Director of Private Label, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.
Robert Koss, Director of Consumer Promotions, Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.

Based on the recent success of Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc 60th Anniversary and celebrating Canadas 150th Birthday where the retailer offered company-wide celebrations including limited edition private brand products, consumer and team contests and in-store promotions.

Longo’s is a family-owned Canadian retailer that started in 1956 when three brothers, Tommy, Joe, and Gus opened their first fruit market. It was a small 1,500 square foot store on Yonge Street (at Castlefield) in Toronto. The family maintained a commitment to providing customers with the best fresh food experience possible. All these years later, this philosophy remains the heart and soul of our company.

Today, Longo’s operates full-service grocery stores across the GTA as well as, the leader in online sales of home-delivered groceries. Longo’s employs more than 5,000 team members and offers an environment where people have the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Jenny Longo

Robert Koss


Rise of the Conscious Consumer: Trends and Strategies for Winning

Paul Rice, Founder & CEO of Fair Trade USA

Shoppers are asking more questions and educating themselves about the products they choose. Consumer insights research and market trends analysis indicate that consumer demand is shifting toward healthier, more responsible and sustainable products. Gen Z and Millennials index particularly high in their expectations of companies’ social and environmental responsibility, particularly with regard to supply chain practices. This gives us a glimpse of what will likely become the “new normal” in the future. This emerging macrotrend towards “conscious consumerism” now represents an enormous business opportunity for private brands.

In this session, we will examine the data and share consumer insights into this social and market phenomenon. We will also review case studies of success and discuss key strategies, such as Fair Trade certification, that brands are using to capture the hearts, minds and wallets of conscious consumers. Private brands now have an unprecedented opportunity to instill greater purpose in their businesses, creating “shared value” that benefits people and planet while strengthening long-term profitability.

Paul Rice

10 Tips to Turn the Ship: How to Change Culture without Pay Raises

Jen Linke, Vice President of Brand Management, Federated Group

The retail and private brand world is demanding.  Everyone is asked to deliver more results with fewer resources.  The culture of a company, or department, has a huge impact on how people respond to these demands.  People often fall victim to their circumstances and take on an attitude of negativity, helplessness or blame.  Changing a negative culture to a positive one is possible.  In this presentation, learn 10 practical tips on what you can do to change the culture in order to give employees a better working environment and maximize results.

Jen Linke

Thirty Years of Private Brands.

Creating competitive, compelling, trusted private brands.

Former head of Quality and Compliance, private and exclusive brands, at both Waitrose and Asda in the UK

John Clague was a UK pioneer in boosting retailer-supplier collaboration around private and exclusive brands. In separate stints at large chains Waitrose and Asda, he developed a clear vision of what good looks like in trading partner engagement and then oversaw practical steps that achieved major retail successes.

He accomplished all of this just as the UK was boosting labeling regulations to ensure the highest standards of quality, consistency, compliance and transparency in the food retail sector.

John will outline how success was achieved in a part of the world where private brands have far greater share than in the U.S. He will explain what good looks like in trading partner engagement, why this translates well to the U.S. market, and how U.S. retailers can move forward rather quickly with practical steps. He will also relay how good can eventually lead to great.

John Clague

Unlocking Real Results through Diversity

Deanna Dorrance, Global Private Label Brand Manager, Ace Hardware

Clay Dockery, Division Vice President of Private Brands, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA

Laura McCready is Director Food Safety and Quality Assurance at OFD Foods, LLC

Moderator: Kieran Forsey, CEO, S4RB INC.

The need for diversity has become a higher-profile topic at retail, given its direct impact on interactions with customers and associates.  Recently Starbucks closed more than 8,000 company-owned U.S. stores to train some 175,000 employees on the subject of unconscious bias.

Women Impacting Storebrand Excellence (WISE) is sponsoring a panel discussion to assess how our private brand industry is making progress and how retailers and suppliers can increase their focus on diversity and inclusion.  In this session, you will hear from a multi-generational panel of retail and manufacturer executives about their experiences, how society is demanding transformation and the best approaches to accomplishing change.

WISE is a non-profit professional development organization, founded by women, to champion the power of diversity and inclusion which drives profitable growth within the store brand industry.

Deanna Dorrance

Clay Dockery

Laura McCready

Kieran Forsey


Changing the World 10,000 SKUs at a Time

Maria Dubuc
Marketing By Design, President, and CEO
Big Red Rooster, Vice President

Maria will share stories and insights from 25 years of working with retailers to design packaging, refresh private brands, manage production programs with over 10,000 SKUs, and streamline workflow systems.

Maria Dubuc

Boosting Performance for Private Brand Retailers

Kieran Forsey, CEO, S4RB INC.

In the new world of private brand, retailers are brand owners tasked with growing and managing the largest brands in the world. Today’s brand managers are leveraging new technology to create a deeper level of collaboration and openness. In this Velocity talk, Kieran will reveal how retailers can boost performance by creating their own online communities with their own suppliers, and better manage their own private brands. The result is greater openness and transparency for their own shoppers.

Kieran Forsey

The Sensory Revolution:  Solving the Brand Loyalty Equation

Heather Killgo, Vice President and Master Perfumer, Arylessence

Heather Killgo, Arylessence VP and Master Perfumer, will share fresh ideas in sensory strategies, igniting brand loyalty, and increasing market share through the most powerful experiential ingredient you can control!

Heather reveals the scientific and creative equation along with real-life private brand success stories that have defined multiple category leaders.

Heather Killgo

From Product to Promise In a Prove it to Me World

Kelly Thompson Kell, North American Market Strategy Director, Trace One

Consumers are demanding to know more about products and are being more selective about the products they purchase. With this, more pressure is being put on private brands than ever before. Sustainability, transparency, speed, and compliance will soon move from buzzwords to table stakes. Successful companies will jump in and start making the planet a better place, offering consumers the products they want with the assurances they demand. Creating products that meet expectations is one thing but having the confidence to communicate this information to consumers is another.

Kelly Kell will share practical tips on how retailers can keep up with increased Private Brand Management complexity. She’ll explore how you can capture and share this deeper level of product information, enabling brands to stand out, all while moving faster and reducing risk of failure in our litigious, “prove it to me world”.  With the many pressures facing your brand, how will your company react?

Kelly Thompson Kell



Insights and inspiration to take private brand to the next level.