Velocity Talk: Private Brand Buzzkill: Manage the Mundane, Focus on your Brands!

Poplar Dogwood September 14, 2017 11:15 am - 11:30 am

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Katie Locke

Do you spend most of your day chasing manufacturers, printers, agencies or QA, sitting in meetings or doing other various tasks that take away from doing what you love about your job? You are not alone!

In this presentation, Katie Locke of MBD will divulge the trials and tribulations of the private brand industry as revealed in specially commissioned research for the Velocity conference. She will present best practices on how to solve these problems and manage these mundane tasks so you can focus on building your brands and advancing your career.

Katie will share tips and tricks for Private Brand design, rollout and workflow to help organize your Private Brand program to run headache free…well, at least with reduced headaches.

Pain reliever supplied so you can get some relief!

Katie will present insider tips and knowledge that are a combination of MBD’s 20+ years of private brand experience and research specifically commissioned for the Velocity Conference.  Participate in this groundbreaking research

BONUS: by participating, you’re automatically entered to win a FREE PASS to the conference! Winner to be contacted by MBD on July 31st, the survey end date.