Private Brand – A question of trust, equity and love?


Private Brand has come a long way from the days of plain white Generic or National Brand knock offs, but how far has Private Brand come?

Christopher Durham, President of My Private Brand, together with Gayle Ireland CEO of market research firm Voccii, will present the results of their groundbreaking new research. The research transcends the traditional questions of private label research – “Are private labels as good as, or better than, national brands?” or “do you think that you will be purchasing more private label products?” Focusing on the new breed of $1 billion+ natural and organic private brands that are working hard to build loyalty and create differentiation.

This groundbreaking quantitative national study seeks to provide a rich and insightful analysis of the natural and organic private brand space, plus individual Brands, providing a clear picture Brand, providing a clear picture of how they contribute to business growth today. The pair will bring you exclusive insights into the landmark research that includes consumer sentiment, aided and unaided awareness, brand equity, Net Promoter score, retailer connection, and more.

Private brands include:

  • Ahold Delhaize – Natures Promise/Natures Place
  • Aldi – Simply Nature
  • Kroger – Simple Truth
  • Publix – Greenwise
  • Safeway/Albertsons – O Organic
  • Safeway/Albertsons – Open Nature
  • Shoprite – Wholesome Pantry
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value