Sarah Chartrand
Ahold Delhaize

Sarah Chartrand<br>Ahold Delhaize
  • SVP of Talent, Leadership & Diversity
  • Company: Ahold Delhaize

Sarah is currently the global SVP of Talent, Leadership & Diversity for Ahold Delhaize, a world-leading food retailer.  She has 25 years of experience in talent, leadership development, culture change, and diversity & inclusion and has worked in a variety of industries including retail, automotive, financial services, and consumer products.  She first began working in retail in 2000 and spent time in multiple functions including organizational development, strategy, business planning, process management, operations, and human resources.  Sarah is energized by learning from and collaborating with talented and diverse colleagues from across the globe and believes that inclusion is the key to competitive advantage, growth, and innovation within retail and beyond.  She has a Master’s Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources from Michigan State University and an MBA from Boston College.

Ahold Delhaize is a world-leading food retailer with over 6,500 stores worldwide, 369,000 people serving 50 million satisfied customers a week.

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